so many ideas!

I have so many creative thoughts flowing its insane! im still finishing my long over due silk sweater. I have been working on and off on it, and in between working on a messenger bag, scarves and my newest ideas. Plus, I recently joined a weaving workshop and I have been trying to think of creative ideas for my shams and pillows ill be making for our bedroom.

so far, here is my latest list of projects:
1. Finish the sweater
2. Knit the 2 children's bathing suits I have worked up in my mind
3. Keep up my scarf inventory
4. Begin work on my weaving
5. Paint my bedroom and put up the border, put on the new duvet and shams and make additional shams and pillows.
6. Make new curtains for our bedroom
7. Sew the gingham lining into the grass green messenger bag.

so far, that's all! Whew! Too much to do!!

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