finally finished!

about 4 weeks ago a woman called and asked me to knit 2 pars of slippers for her two girl friends. she chose a color and size and added some extra touches to make them special. I search for the perfect yarn. i found it and it took about 2 weeks to come. i spent the last 2 weeks knitting these two pairs of slippers. the pattern wasnt hard. the added extras - I have done before, yet these took 2 weeks! would you like to know why?

pregnancy apparently swells you hands and makes your joints sore. my once once ultra limber fingers - which were the pride and joy of my ability to speed knit with accuracy has disappeared. it took me almost 3 times as long to finish! my gosh. I hope she likes them, they did come out nicely and the smarty that i am, i forgot to photograph them before i packaged them.

maybe ill give her a call and see if she would be interested in snapping a pic of her girlfriends tootsies in these soft and cute slippers!

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