a crazy schedule

its been impossible to knit these days. I have been so busy! Things are going great we are so lucky that Hannah has turned out to be such a great baby. Is it crazy to be totally in love with your child? I could eat her I love her so much!

StitchingDiva will soon be www.KissMyStyle.com. i cant wait! i am so excited.We have a meeting with a web designer who my very good friend recommended & seems to really have his stuff together. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he comes up with! keep your eyes open. I'm going to be carrying lots of new pieces, new lines and even some pottery! not all knitting - actually - alot more than that! i am so excited and i cant wait for you to all check it out!

I will be posting some more soon.. I have been knitting and soon with our vacation coming up Ill have more time to focus on my knits! :) Nags Head... here we come!

Until I post again... here are some pics of my lovely little darling from a local photographer who does great work!!

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