Busy fingers!

Our new furniture came and I'm so excited! Hannah loves it - she rubs her little cheeks on the suede and smiles & giggles. Rob loves it - its big and comfy & he loves that his 6'5 build can take an afternoon nap comfortably. I love it - the color the pillows, the comfort!

I'm still widdling away on Rob's blanket. He is loving it though so it makes me happy to do it. I just cant wait til its done & I can feel the accomplishment of a 6'x6' blanket. Through the monotony of the garter stitch i started my flower buds. I cant wait to post pictures! My sister gave me the great idea to attach barrettes & pony tail holders to them. She also thought they would look great on the wristbands. See.... the creative bug is spreading. Ill post pics soon!

Until then -

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