Did you get your fruits today?

Did you get your fruits today?

* Apples & Pears OH MY!

With the integrated notched handle its easy to hold onto and you can also fill this beauty up to the brim! This fabulous clutch has a split interior pocket for a bit of organization and is perfect for a night out with your friends or a romantic date!

*Berry Sweet Pony Tail Holders

Add a little fun to your ponytail with these cute ponytail holders. 1 1/8” buttons covered in quality fabric are securely attached to Goody ouchless elastic bands.

* New Pouches!

This pouch may appear mini, but it is MIGHTY! These little cuties hold a ton, they stay shut with a strong snap, and they come in fun & colorful prints to pop in your purse or pocket!
This little puch can really pack a punch in holding a lot!

* Warm Apple Pie Soy Candle

Light up your mood with our premium scented candles made with our exclusive soy-paraffin wax blend. Highly fragrant candles that offer a beautiful, clean burn.

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