How GREEN is Your Valley?

I recently posted this on a forum I frequent, but thought I would throw it out here too.....

I was thinking about this today. How green are we? I thought a thread to list what you do, might help us all be a little greener and not in the monster kind of way. ;)

1. we use cotton towels in place of paper towels whenever possible.
2. we drink water and reuse our bottles and even bought "green" bottles (although check my Nalgene thread - they might get the boot).
3. we use low energy fluorescent light bulbs.
4. we mulch our leaves and use them for mulch.
5. recycle all bottles, cans & newspapers.
6. turn off lights when not in the room or when sunlight does the trick.
7. dont let the water keep running when brushing teeth, doing dishes etc.
8. we unplug not in use appliances (except the TV)

thats all i can think of for now, and that seems sad.

2 thoughts:

velmalikevelvet said...

just like mr. frog said: "it ain't easy being green."

try the stainless steel water bottles instead of nalgene; way healthier, but fills the same need.

kudos on your earth day efforts!

Meg said...

do you mean the metal ones for hot drinks? i have a ton, never thought about dual use.... thanks for the idea!