A busy mom is not always a productive mom.

A little background on me: From an early age my dad taught me independence. But unfortunately, I took those words to the max. At 32 I am a full time marketing rep for an outpatient imaging facility, own Kiss My Style (online shopping boutique), do all of the ad work, PR work, marketing for my business along with that of my husbands IT business from graphics to newsletters, I am a mom to an amazing 14 month old, keep our house clean, food in the fridge, hugs on my baby, love on my husband, clutter organized and still remember all birthdays, anniversary's and everyday "to do's." Did I mention I love to volunteer?

So why the topic?

B/c all of that giving time has taken it's toll on this PM. My upper back is cooked and when I say cooked I mean spasms, inflammation, pain to the tenth degree. And, unfortunately, I have no one to blame but me! After 7 months, I am finally receiving the proper treatment - to help it but I have also learned that to be the best mom, wife, business owner, marketing mignon & person, I need to give myself 1 hour DAILY.

Yeah right - 1 hour? HA!

Seriously. It doesn't have to be at once, but here are the things I finally gave myself to help calm me and give me the boost I need to be all of the above without the pain, ,maybe they can work for you:

* hot bath - you have to be clean right? - door closed, lights off, candle lit, washcloth over your eyes and if you can pull off some relaxing music thats a plus, if not got for the dark, warm bath.

* room spray for your bedroom. Nothing brings me happiness like lavender or clean linens and they have room sprays that emulate both. Pick your scent and spritz before bed.

* a CD playing while you sleep at night. Ours is rain. It is so calming. Hannah enjoys classical music. Either way it guarantees a sooting nights rest.

* a clean room. If you have a lot of toys, clutter, kids, work etc. make sure that 1 room no matter what room it is but 1 room is always tidy - thats your safety room. a place you can go and see organization and feel the air leave your lungs.

* aromatherapy. I swear my it. different rooms have different scents in them to give me what i need. candles, oils, incense, whatever your pleasure.

* lists. if you don't have it written somewhere they chances of you forgetting are big. try a magnetic calender on the fridge, with a magnetic notepad and pen. - LIFESAVER!

* YOGA or stretching or even just deep breaths.

Each of these things has helped me and continue to help. I am under Physical Therapy / Chiropractic care to get the anatomy fixed, but the mind needs it to. xoxo!

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