Posh Mama = Fabulous Mama

Online networking, ah yes.
There are a lot of social networks out there. I am personally a member of about 15 for my business. My favorite, the one I feel most comfortable at, the one that welcomed me with open arms is Poshmama. I originally joined to help promote my business, but ended up making friends and participating more through friendships and positive female interaction more than a business strategy!

What an amazing group of ladies!
Upon checking it out you will see that all the women on that board are smart, funny, multidimensional, inspiration, talented, motivated and fabulous, period. I have made some great friends, business contacts and received amazing advice. Advice on PR, advice on Hannah, advice on health, news, life, women, politics, tv, books....the list is never ending!

Addictions don't have to be bad
I use Firefox and have Poshmama as part of my daily morning coffee. I can't start the day without it, and ending the day without peeking in ain't an option. It's a true addiction!

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The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Agree.it is definitely an award winning site! I enjoyed visiting your blog.