With Summer approaching.....

There doesn't seem to be anything cuter than a bonnet on a baby. Thus I purchased this adorable watermelon bonnet from GrandmasGirl.etsy.com They were lovely to work with and the bonnet is adorable! Hannah even keeps it on!

I also purchased this adorable dress for her to run wild through the park in from plumtickled.etsy.com Another fabulous shop to work with, great product - totally cute! (The little girl is not Hannah but the adorable model from the store.

So I can't just be kind to the scrunchie monkey. Mommy needs a little kick in her summer love too! So I bought this amazing necklace - which couldn't be more gorgeous. Christinebijoux.etsy.com is the designer and once again - highly recommend!

To add more injury I shopped for you all for Kiss My Style and managed to find these beauties.... Come check out www.KissMyStyle.com for more info and don't forget to use your coupon! $5 off $35 - used code - fiveoff - shopping is so much fun!!!!

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Octavine Illustration said...

oh, that watermelon bonnet is just too adorable. what a lucky little girl you have (ooh, and i love the necklace as well!~).