Beauty Needs for Fair Skinned Beauties

Its no big surprised that we fair skinned gals have to be very good to our skin. So after 32 years of being one I decide to post my compilation:

Neutrogena Body Emulsion - AWESOME for dry skin.
True Blue Bronzer - perfect to add a hint of tanner & bronzer - no scent - no orange - perfect!

Aveeno Body Wash for dry skin - soft, no residue. fabulous.
Aveeno Body cream for dry/itchy skin with coolant - delectable - it helps alleviate those weird cry patches, itchy spots and help create smoothe skin.
Neutrogena Self tanner & in a pinch the kind with bronzer too.

Bare Essentials Foundation
Maybelline Blush
Vaseline Lip gloss
Cover Girl Eyeshadow
Maybelline Mascara

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Sarcasta-Mom said...

Thanks for the tips from this fair skinned gal :)