Exciting News!

I started to make handmade clips, magnets and monogrammed tags this year and included them in my www. Well, I have been approached by several stores to WHOLESALE! I am so excited - I have never been on this end before.

If anyone here is looking to add cute new pieces from my collection, please email me at meg@kissmystyle.com or comment here & I can send you my price sheets. I would love to continue this wholesale path so if you are interested in seeing more - I have .pdf's I can email you & a physical packet with a sample.)

Thank you to all of you for the support to keep on trucking through all the tough times - whoo hoo!!!

2 thoughts:

Posh Mama said...

YAY! That is AWESOME news. congrats and well deserved :) Much love, xoxo-pm

Linney Shvede said...

love your blog and your store! awesome background too. you are very talented!