Random Tip of the Day

I am a lotion addict. Knitting and sewing beat your hands up and without lotion, I would have peeling skin. Vaseline Intensive Card, Aveeno - you name it, I got it. B/c I use so much, I buy the big bottles with the pump tops. Have you ever noticed that as you get to the bottom you cant utilize the pump?

Instead of throwing away the leftover lotion, try this:
  • flip the bottle and let it rest for a day
  • get a tupperware container with a lid
  • remove the pump top and pour the rest of lotion into the Tupperware
I have a whole new bottle of lotion from going around my house and utilizing all the leftovers without throwing them out. If you want to be fancy - try a decorative tin. But either way - Get the bang for your buck and use all that lotion! :)

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OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Great idea! And FYI, I have just discovered a new lotion that I am in LOVE with - Dove's Creamy Oil Lotion! It smells sensational and leaves your skin unbelievably soft! Try it! P.S. I love lotions too and this one is one I will stick with!