A trip to the SPA w/out leaving your home

Today I have a terrible sinus infection and since my FT job is to be out on sales calls, not having a voice kind of defeated the typical days work. I have paperwork to catch up on, so all is well, but I need to get better so what better way than to have a SPA experience at home?

Here's what I did and its been helping me feel better, relax & be productive all at once!

1. I cut up a fresh cucumber and added it to a heaping pitcher of ice water - stirred - voila! Spa water!
2. Then I added peppermint oil to my oil burner to help open my sinuses while making the house smell refreshed and like Christmas.
3. A hot shower with lavender body wash... mmmm
4. cool cotton breathable yoga pants and tshirt to keep the bod cool while letting me sweate out the sickness
5. chai tea without the milk. still yummy! black chai is my favorite.

if you can think of ther things, please post!
Happy Spa Daying!

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JenniBeanV said...

I hope you're feeling better!