The Trendy Mommy Review

Oh my goodness... Thank you so much Trendy Mommy for a fabulous review! Please check out their site - you will love the great info, cool tips and fabulous set up. Here is a quote from her review:

"Refrigerators these days are full of kid drawings and invitations and if you're like my house even bills that need to be paid. I've got an assortment of kid-made magnets and some barnyard animals and the entire alphabet on my refrig...so it was super nice to receive these wonderful beautiful magnets to display on the refrig. I cleared off the top corner of the freezer door above the ice/water dispenser and have these sitting up there all by themselves! Gives me a little reminder of who I am (or who I once was) Organized, Fun, & Funky. Check them out - these little magnets come all wrapped in a cute little tin - would make a great teacher gift or a fun little pick me-up to give to friends when they're having a rough time."

Thank you again!


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meg....thanks for the comment...YOU have great blogs !!! WOW !!! i want to be YOU !!