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Every once in a while you meet that certain someone who inspires you and this just happened to me. Her name is Michele Hirata and she is the founder, artist and owner of Fat Thumb

Michele started Fat Thumb after she lost her mother to breast cancer in August 2003. After her mother passed she needed something to do to express her feelings. She taught myself to knit. She cut the t-shirt fabric a specific way to avoid excessive knots in the material. Each Original Fat Thumb Chemo Beanie only has one knot, making it really comfortable to sleep in. Because it’s knitted, it stays put even on the most restless of sleepers. Every Fat Thumb product is designed, hand-dyed, hand-cut and hand-knit by Michele Hirata, using her unique T-Knit, Fun Tab cutting method.

She started donating hats to cancer victims, hospitals, various charities and the response was enormous and unanimous. She found her passion. Fat Thumb was born April 2004. Fat Thumb Originals gives hats to those going through hair loss illnesses. She donates about two dozen hats a month to individuals, hospitals, cancer centers and fundraisers. To date, she has given away over 1,000 free hats to people suffering from hair loss illness.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to Fat Thumb's free hat program, please donate the the Susan G. Komen foudation or Pink Heart Funds www.pinkheartfunds.com in memory of Marsha Robinson O'Banion, Michele's mother.


Because her business is for charity, this article is more of an homage to her so in her honor the giveaway will be coming from me. Kiss My Style is going to giveaway this ultra soft, 8' long comfy scarf to help keep you warm through the chilly winter! The soft muted tones of rose, taupe, pale pink and cream match and add flair to almost any outfit or jacket!

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