Some good things.....

Orders are coming in and it feels so good! I love to see that people enjoy the pieces on Kiss My Style ! I am so happy my smile is stuck like on your wedding day and your photos are frozen images of tensed up smiles. You can hardly tell you are still smiling by the end of the day, but you know you feel the smile even on the inside!

Christmas i almost here and our shopping is almost done. A few order left and then on to wrapping gifts and relaxing....wait... what? how is that done again? lol

Yesterday I met my first Raveler - Amber and had a great time! Good food (Panera, how can you go wrong?) and knitting (again, how can you go wrong?) we chatted for 2 hours and it was a blast. A great break from the stresses of the holidays and a new friend to boot.

Ill end with a photo of our little monkey who told me on our way out of the door: "Momo come too?" so Elmo came too.......


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Kristen Andrews said...

very cute! I have been very busy also w/ holiday orders it has been very good but I am tired!