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I am always looking for exciting designers who can spice up small areas. I guess that's from years of apartment living. Heck, we just hung our first wall piece since we purchased our home in 2004! Anyway, back to the original topic at hand - Exotic Table decor. A single piece can change a space from traditional to contemporary, neutral to bright or simple to complete! Here are a few pieces that have taken the art of glass design to a whole new level - ENJOY!

Designer 2 Glass Blowers is a perfect example of create a piece of art from shards of glass The above pieces is absolutely gorgeous, filled with blues and amber tones dominate this platter. It is mesmerizing at 13" wide x 3" high.

The above bowl is designer with earth toned transparent colors that are set off by highlights of brighter opaque color in this unique bowl. Absolutely exquisite! Dimensions are 14" wide x 5" high.

All of the pieces are from designer 2 Glass Blowers - please peruse their shop and see why they are a handmade artist.


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