Fun Fabric Flowers

The weather in PA is so temperamental. Yesterday was like a warm Spring day or a cool Summer afternoon and today is bleary. Looking around the house it seems to change moods per day with the amount of sunlight that shines in through the windows. Direct sunlight allows for fresh flowers to be brought inside, but indirect sunlight can me a silent killer to the lovely color we try to ad to our homes.

What is a remedy to brighten our home despite the weather? ffflowers.etsy.com has created an amazing, cheerful, affordable & unique idea as an alternative to living flowers & silk. These are the perfect flowers to brighten up any corner - great for hay fever sufferers, they are guaranteed never to need watering and will not wilt or drop petals all over the place!

the flowers are made on a vintage flower loom using beautiful ribbon yarns. Each flower has a different button center and is securely stitched to a green fabric wrapped stem. The stem is quite flexible and can be bent or even wrapped around something. The weight of the flower head gives the stem a natural curve when they are displayed in a vase. The flowers are 3" (8cm) across and the stems are 10" (25cm) long (measurements are approximate).

Some fabulous examples:


Posted by Meg of Kiss My Style
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6 thoughts:

Kristen Andrews said...

Meg those are very unique and I couldn't kill those!

Amber said...

Very cute! I'd love a bunch of pinks and yellows. So cheery!

Audrey said...

Those flowers are great!! Hubby won't buy me flowers "because they'll just die anyways". these won't!!

Meg said...

they are perfect b/c they can't die! lol - so how do we get eh loves of our lives to "Secretly" pick up a bunch for us? ;)

rkdsign88 said...

I love the flowers. They are pretty & last.

Lynne said...

Wow! I wouldn't have guessed those were made from fabric except that I saw the word in your post title and had to look more closely. Those are amazing!