happy EARTH day!!!

Today is EARTH day and it is a day of appreciation of our amazing planet. But should we do appreciate it every day? You Bet! What if you don't have a lot of time to have a compost, or search for organic foods at the grocery..... here are a few EARTH happy tips that will make the planet smile and you TOO!

1. turn off those lights! when you arent in the room, or don't need them all on, shut them off. your wallet will thank you as well as mother earth.

2. use recyclable grocery bags. i understand you like the plastic ones after the shopping b/c it helps clean up doggie poop or line your bathroom wastebasket, but if you could limit your plastic bags by using a GREEN bag, you would be doing a lot more than you thought: saving trees, preventing materials from going into the ground that don't recycle AND helping keep your cost down b/c you are not using grocery materials. dont use their bags = they can't charge us for the "free" bags through price increases in food.

3. "do you have a square to spare?" yes... the infamous Seinfeld episode is actually a good lesson! Reduce your "square usage" and you will see some happy trees and happy green in your wallet!

4. Use organic. Ok. It is true that organic can b pricey.... but NOT ALWAYS! How about organic plant fertilizer? I just bought it this weekend and it was only $.70 more than regular. Adding a few organic pieces you can afford into yourlife will help tremendously. I.e: Organic make-up, soap, dishdetergent.... a little goes a long way!

5. scrap paper - when you make an at-home printing error - dont toss it! rip it in 4 and use it for notes, reminders and to-do lists.

6. invest in a good water bottle - the upfront cost is as much as a case of your favorite H2O, but with a good water bottle you are always set for a quick refill and it's washable!!! no toxins!

7. herb gardens are great ways to be good to the earth and your body! great taste is just a window box away. while giving your home the GREEN feel and calmness you crave you also have a great on-demand spice rack with out the plastic wrap! Most are hardy that you don't need a green thumb - enjoy!

Funky cool GREEN pieces:

Dryer Pillows from Kiss My Style

Personalized Family Market Tote by: thecraftpantry.etsy.com

GO GREEN Labels - RECYCLE - set of 8 by: fookadesigns.etsy.com


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