NeedleFelting Cuties

NeedleFelting is a unique and creative hobby. It takes un-spun roving (not spun yarn) and turns it into amazing little pieces of art. Beads, toys and pincushions are common creations. feltmeupdesigns.etsy.com takes bright, fun colored roving and creates the most adorable pieces; the above Apricot and Lemon Needlefelted Spotted Tweet is my favorite. Here are a few more pieces.

Thnk you may be interested in learning? Check out THIS ARTICLE Are video tutorials more helpful? YouTube is a great resource. I like to watch how it is created as opposed to reading without images.

Some great video examples:

Needlefelt a pumpkin

Basic Shapes


Happy Crafting!

3 thoughts:

feltmeup designs said...

Thanks for featuring my Tweets in you blog, needle felting is so much fun.. and very addictive! My advice is if you want to try it invest in a kit from one of the many great etsy sellers first to see how you like it.

Anna said...

Those are so adorable!! I don't think I should look at the articles or the videos because I fear I will find yet another hobby I don't have time for and cannot afford! :)

Meg said...

FMU - You are so welcome! Your work is so sweet, it had to be an article of its own.

Anna - Thanks for visiting! You are so right....not only is roving addictive creating little happy creatures is sure to be so too!