Learning to Sign

One thing that has become really important to DH & me is to teach Hannah how to sign. I had a sister who was partially deaf and we used to sign with her for communication all the time. It was great. She was able to tell us so much. Hannah doesn't have any hearing impairments, but we want her to learn other was to communicate. The dexterity in signing is amazing and it's just such a cool way to share.

I have limited memory of signs. The alphabet, counting to 10, and some basic phrases like "Im sorry", " I love you", "more please" are the extent of my vocabulary. We purchased a book & 2 cd;s ut none helped really show the signs. So the search began on YouTube. Bingo! Here are some videos from expertvillage. I love the fact they are clear, show the signs repeatedly and even have a chart in some videos to keep you on track. 4 stars!


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