New Neck/Back Pillows

I love custom orders. A fantastic customer & friend asked for a neck pillow to give her some relief from her neck pain after a day at the computer (we can all relate!) I wanted to give her something that was a little more versatile than the standard U shape. I came up with a 3' long pillow that can be used for neck, spine, lower back and other pains easily. I love how it turned out & the word has already gotten out - another person saw her post and requested one as well. This is now going to be a new part of the KMS line! Here are the 2 made custom, but keep your eyes peeled for more!

This 3' x 4.5"neck/back pillow is filled with organic lavender & flax seed, perfect to be warmed up and laid on sore necks, backs & spines. The scent is relaxing and the flax seed heats up beautifully.

Each pillow is created from designer fabric, machine sewn and created by hand.

Great for:
* necks
* upper back
* lower back
* headaches
To warm: put in microwave and set timer to 30 sec. continue to heat in 20 sec. increments until desired temp is achieved.

Do NOT wash. Spot clean with soap and water.

TO ORDER: Please email me at meg@kissmystyle.com & we can design a custom pillow for you. The new line will be standard shortly.



4 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

How very cool! You are so creative, and this is tons better than a hot water bottle!

Meg said...

Thanks Teresa! I love these and am making one for myself. I love that it can be for anything, esp. lower back!

Kristen Andrews said...

love these, I may have to get one for myself I love using these for neck relief but mine isn't pretty like these

Meg said...

Thanks Kristen! I have to admit, I made one for myself too. It feels great on my lower back now that the baby is getting bigger and on my neck after being on the computer all day.