I'm Thankful For: Gifts For Those Who Help Us Most

Its that time of year again - time to thank the ones who help us most. Your childrens teachers, the on-time bus driver, the crossing guard, the helpful receptionist at your doctors office, the babysitter who can always be counted on... you know who I mean. Those who are special. The holidays are a wonderful time to thank those we can't live without. Check out some of Kiss My Styles latest "must give" gifts!

Adorable Felted Pouch - $12!

Lavender Eye Pillow & Dryer Pillow Set - $15!

Adorable Hair Clip - $10

Office Set: 2 Bookmarks, 2 Tacks and 2 Magnets: $10

Fingerless Gloves with Flap: $32

For these and MORE gift ideas, visit Kiss My Style!!

2 thoughts:

TeresaR said...

All lovely gifts for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

I just nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award!