Craft Show - Spring 2008

I can't say how inspiring Spring is for me. Being able to open the windows, seeing the sunshine, grass growing, my flowers pop through the ground,Hannah swinging and sliding...ah, the list goes on. Did I mention the smells of Spring?

My inspiration bug has bitten.

Our dining room furniture is all antique and unfortunately the chairs are quite dated with wicker backing that has ripped. So my first inspiring project is to measure the chairs, search out fabric (although the top contender for me to buy it from is Fabric Supplies ) I have had wonderful experience with them and I'm never disappointed with the fabric!, sew and slip on my new covers! I was thinking of simple rectangles with ties from the front to the back. Then using contrast fabric cover the seats - safely.

Why safely? My great aunt stitched them and even though they are dated, they are irreplaceable and i cant destroy or throw them away,my heart would be broken.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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