Love at first type....

When starting your online friendships, you should start with Poshmama.I have met amazing women from across the globe. I recently started regular emails with one who has helped me through spots in my life & career she has also helped me understand my life and how to live it better!

Everyday is a new greeting from a fellow gal who works or has children or both.....creativity is flowing.... you can't not feel the creative bug. You walk away with a new passion, friend, inspiration.. you name it.

So check it out, even just to peek....it's all you will need to want to sign up and log on. Once you are there... find me! kissmystyle is my name - i love friends and if you need anything im a click away. :)

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The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

I already belong to Posh Mamma ... great site; very interesting people and great staff. I agree with your recommendations