Successful sales!

About 4 weeks ago I put a few of my clippies in a local salon and today Im proud to say - ALL SOLD! Needed to be restocked! What an ego boost - a positive feeling that all the time, love of fabric and energy has paid off. First stop Shear Magic - next stop Bloomies.... ok, so maybe not Bloomies.... but eventually. :)

5 thoughts:

Ashley said...



"and you're movin' on up!"

Ellen said...

No wonder they sold...those are adorable, cute, very chic and most of all unusual!!!! You go Girl! Good luck with your future sales.

rkdsign88 said...

I love good news & happy stories.
Congrats with your sales & keep it up :)

Boutique Flair said...

YAY! That's a GREAT feeling! Congratz, Meg!

Leslie said...

Congrats! Thats awesome! Your work is great, adorable. Lovin it.