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Glass beaded flowers & fruit have been popular as accents since the late 1890's. And now they are back even looking more fabulous than ever. Adding beaded fruits or flowers to your home brings vintage to modern living with flair and style. This is a technique that is simply mind blowing. The patience and creativity involved is astronomical!

Sharon from Moores 6 Beaded Flowers by Sharon has a fun selection of pieces to spice up your home! Basket of beaded strawberries is so unique and fun to have in your home - it will add the pizazz you are looking for in those spots you are always saying "What does this need?!" The basket comes with 18 berries averaging 1.5 inches long and .75 inches wide in a wire basket measuring 6 x 4 x 5.5 inches. Each berry is made with red and mixed green seed beads using brass and green wire.

This Chrysanthemum Fantasy - French Beaded Wedding Bouquet
by Bead Flora Jewels is a breathtaking display of color, life and individuality. Created for a bride, it can be used in a vase in your home and bring the same life to a spot in need of a breathe of fresh air.

Bright pink chrysanthemum blooms in a modern wedding bouquet made of 11 gauge seed beads. Each bloom is delicately crafted tipped with a contrasting flare. This bouquet is a chrysanthemum fantasy with playful balls tipped with genuine swarovski crystals and handsome curly leaves peaking through. It is finished with a romantic flowing ribbon. A great wedding showpiece, and a sentimental keepsake.

Check out her shop, choose some pieces you like and post about them here and then you will be entered to win her GORGEOUS Ma Belle - Silver French beaded flower brooch / corsage shown below.

Our final artist is from BeadsinBloom. What an amazing collection she has to offer! Here are a few of my favorite pieces, but please browse her site b/c it is worth taking the time. She has so many beautiful pieces, its hard to walk away without a purchase.

Here are some examples of her work:


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NanjoDogz said...

These are all so beautiful!

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That bouquet is amazing!

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Wow, all BeadFlora's work is gorgeous- but I like these, 'cause they're so distinctive:



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What a beautiful collection! Loving BeadFlora's bouquet...so gorgeous!

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I love the fruit, what a great idea. I wonder what I could do with them.

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soo beautiful and seem delicious lol:-)

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they look so real....I can almost tastethem..lol