Peace & Tranquility

There is nothing nicer than a little "me" time is there? After work I came home and sewed and relaxed. Now don't get me wrong, I love my family - yes, even Max the Kitty, but sometimes you need a little rejuvenation time and today was it. I watched about 12 Judge Judy's (commercial free thank you DVR)and sewed tapestries (which iI thought was going to be more difficult than it was). I will add it to the list... what list? "The non-useful skills unless you are interested in doing it all the time list".

Here is the list so far:
1. great at darts (awesome if you want to win some cash but that's all)
2. can shoot a bullet through a CD hole (totally useless to me since the only reason I was at a gun range was to impress a boy on a date.)
3. can do a split (well, this one is still pretty awesome hehe)
4. have a wonderful memory (this one is good in midst of an argument with DH)
5. and now - good tapestry seamstress. I like to sew, but the same color over & over in a straight line nearly had me cross eyed!

Ok, well Im off to watch my scary movie (Mirrors) and knit (b/c heaven forbid I sit still).

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