Winter Woes

It is so cold in PA! Poor Hannah has been cooped up in our house for the week. Is it possible for a 22 months old to catch cabin fever? I know I have it. It's brutally cold - too cold for us to slide down the slide into fluffy snow this weekend... something I have been plotting for us to do since the first snowfall. When we put her in her snowsuit she looks like the little brother in A Christmas Story - haha - is it evil to laugh at your own child?

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend... Ill be inside sewing tapestries for a friends show in NYC next week, drinking black tea & watching Lifetime movies - don't be jealous! xo


3 thoughts:

Drive thru said...

It's freezing also here in Canada (0 F).
I like your blog, it is artistic, simple and elegant. looking forward to read more posts as I am checking the old ones.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comments that you leave on my blog! i appreciate them.

it IS cold here in PA... thank goodness for hand knitted stuff to wear, and knitting to knit on so you can hold yarn... because just holding yarn gives you all these warm fuzzy feelings. :)

- Sarah (knitgirl2008)

Anonymous said...

i'm near harrisburg... i have no idea what the wind chill temperature is. all that i know is that it's cold, and i am really loving the gloves that i made for myself back in december. heh. :P

heh heh. knitting finger syndrome. *is familiar with that* lol