An inspiring bath

It seems as though the bath & body world has been overrun by large commercial companies selling the same products in different scents. Of course, there is some comfort in the unchanging, but what if your bath experience could be a little more? What if when we think of our morning shower or evening soak we get excited for it? What if the products were interesting and the items we use are organic? What if our bath & body products are actually part of our bathroom decor? Well here are some amazing treats to wet your bath whistle!

Barebummbath is the artist behind the above & below images. Can you say "Delish!"? They look so yummy you almost want to take a nibble! This yummy soap is made with scents of watermelon, mandarin orange weave with golden marigolds, green apples, water hyacinth and fresh crushed leaves, floral middle notes of buttery tuberose together with wild roses and lilies, with dry down notes of creamy caramel, vanilla, precious woods and patchouli.
This soap is 5% superfatted with shea butter, all vegan, and is sure to leave your skin as smooth as a baby's bumm! Yay! no more dry wintery skin!

Amber from ambersambry makes yummy soaps from natural ingredients like palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, golden jojoba oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, lye, fresh brewed coffee, coffee grounds, natural and synthetic fragrances, natural caramel coloring..... all of which are in the next yummy soap......Coffee Mint Kitchen Hand Soap. This amazing soap is made with a blend of peppermint essential oil and the most INCREDIBLE fresh coffee scent I have ever smelled. Seriously, it is really nice. :) It also has real coffee grounds for scrubby action and was made with freshly brewed coffee. So cool!

How about a cool, organic way to use your new soaps? (Self promo here - lol) I recently came up with a new line of organic washcloths & bath mitts to spa yourself in your own home on sale for Kiss My Style. Affordable, soft & good for the environment, these items are Handmade with 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton French Terry, 11.5 oz. This hemp/cotton French terry knitted fabric is plain on one side with loops on the other side. The bath mitt is one size fits all and has a loop to hang comfortably in your shower, the washcloth is 10x10 and made from the same fabric. A wonderful way to be organic and feel spa-liscous!


3 thoughts:

Amber said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! And I LOVE Barebummbath's soaps too. I'm a sucker for anything with little added chunks and toppings! :)

Your organic cloths and mitts look great!

organic candles said...

They look really delish! If all my bath and body products looked that yummy, I may never want to go out of the bathroom even to eat!

Meg said...

thank you!