Spring colors bring relieved smiles!

Spring is coming and we are all excited for the change in weather, temperature and Vitamin D from our friend the sun! Here are some wonderful little extras to help get you & your home ready for the welcome arrival!

Jelly Bean Soaps (above) by artisan SudsNSuch.etsy.com creates adorable soaps in fun colors to spice up your bathroom & kitchen. A few on a decorative plate will add a cute accent in your boudoir. These soaps are great for the candy lover! They're also perfect for sitting next to your sink and confusing your guests:) These soaps measure approximately 1" x .75" and smell just like the real thing. Simply adorable!

The Striped Springy Checkbook Cover with Velcro clasp and Pen Holder from artisan ALittleXtraSomething.etsy.com is a great accessory to your spring wardrobe. it is created in a stain/water resistant striped print completely lined in a linen fabric. Dual pockets provide the ability to hold your check book, AND your check register, as well as a pen of normal size. Double stitching & 3 dots of velcro allow for durability. The material is stain & water resistant and of a canvas material.

New Beginnings by artisan urbandesign.etsy.com is a beautiful example of a simple & affordable way to add spring to your home. Dressing up the wall is an easy task and with prints like this, Its an exciting task at that!


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Anonymous said...

Great blog and and nice article! Thank you so much for featuring my shop, Urbandesign!

rkdsign88 said...

I guess I need to check all those lovely stores.
Thank you so much Meg. for your lovely visit :)