Handmade Toys: Beautiful & Classic

There is a lot of worry with Handmade Toys. Worry from artisans that they won't be able to create their loved pieces because of new laws & regulations and worry from customers that they are purchasing a safe and secure product. As an avid Little House on the Prairie fan - yes - I said it I see that handmade is as precious now as it was then & even before. Victorian Dolls were created in the Victorian Era, not in 1956!

Here are some wonderful examples of why Handmade is exquisite and hopefully will be able to work with the laws to continue to create amazing pieces from safe materials. Because it's the little things that count. The one of a kind specialty gifts my 2 year old refers to as her "babies & luvies".






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3 thoughts:

Leslie said...

I*m loving these features. The felt foods are so cute & so well put together, wow. Great blog too by the way.

Anonymous said...

I was so floored by the scrumptious felt foods that I first saw in a blog post over at the (now defunct, sadly) Little Window Shoppe that I nearly bought the patterns from a gal at Etsy. And then I think dh smacked me in the head (figuratively) and reminded me that I don't need one more hobby (as I've mentioned to you on FB). *sigh*

I looove all these sweet toys though!

Meg said...

i miss little window shoppe too. these toys are so cute - its hard to not want to learn how to make them!!