FO - Driving Me Sane Portable Play Mat™

Hannah loves cars & trucks and at our house we have a playmat with streets and signs she loves to use. With that in mind I thought.. wouldn't it be cool to make one that can be taken to someones house easily and maybe double as a playmat or blanket to picnic on or just a cozy throw to take to the park while the babies are playing?

Then, like magic, PurlSoho sent out their e newsletter and the cutest fabric was inside! Streets and cars and signs - oh my! With a little bit of searching I found the cutest coordinating stripe fabric and voila! and order was placed. It took a bit of time to figure it out, but I knew I wanted certain things... lightweight, mobile, machine washable, easy to carry & FUN! Bring out the sketchbook... the ideas are flowing!

Here is the final product... I added a grosgrain ribbon to tie it up and left it nice and long so it can be knotted and slung over your shoulder for easy carrying. Hannah loved it and Im MORE than happy with the results. YAY!!


4 thoughts:

Krista said...

So cute, Meg. You are so creative!

Meg said...

Thanks Krista! Coming from you.. its a true compliment :)

Anonymous said...

My goodness - how my ds#2 would have LOVED this when he was a toddler! Krista is right: you are so creative!

Meg said...

thanks teresa! she just loves it and im so happy with how it turned out!