EA Active - Day 3

Today I started with a upper arm and cardio dance session... not part of the challenge, but my back has been sore and tight, so it was a good loosen up start for the day. the dance was just plain fun. :)

Calories Burned: 33.6
Workout Time: 7min. 4 sec

OK... back to the Challenge:

The Workout:
Loved: Tennis, lateral shoulder raises
Why: i felt the burn and it felt great!
Disliked: inline skaing
Why: we did 4 leg workouts in a row, by then, i was cooked!

Calories Burned: 121.1 (+ the above = 154.7)
Workout Time: 21.50 (+ the above = 28.90)
Exercises: 15 (+ above = 21)

Trainer Feedback:
got the hang of alternative side lunges!
conquered lateral raises!

Current Goal Progress: 85%
Hours: 24%
Workouts: 80%

I figured out I messed up on the goals so when I hit 100 for the current goal and workout, Ill fix it to match hours. My beginners mistake! Still LOVING it!

If any of you are doing this as well, please comment, or comment in general! I would love to see your thoughts, hear motivating tips & stories and feel like Im not throwing myself out there into the abyss!

4 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I wanna get one of those EAs now! :) Keep up the great work!!

Meg said...

Thanks Teresa! I love it - its a lot of fun and doesnt take too long to complete a session. Great for a busy, crafty mom!

Anonymous said...

My sister was telling me I should get one too (she has the Wii Fit, but said that the EA sounds better). :) I'll let you know as soon as I get one and we can encourage each other!

Meg said...

you should, its a really good time and a great workout esp when im in a time crunch, which seems like always! lol