ReCycle on Adams

The GODS challenged us that day - sweeping windy rains and cool air throughout the day but the Handmade Community pushed through with success and came out smiling!

4 thoughts:

Anna said...

Hope you had some really great sales that day despite the weather!

Meg said...

I did! There were some good hearted die hards there that came to shop and enjoy the show. :)

Amber said...

Woo! Who are those hotties in the first picture? ;)

I had a blast and I am LOVING my eye pillow and dryer sachets. I am keeping one sachet in my knitting bag so I can smell the lavender-y goodness every time I dig around in there.

Oh and your stamping was/is gorgeous. :)

Meg said...

calender models.. didnt you know?

yay!! im so glad! i love the lavender, its all over our house, cant get enough. :)

thank you thank you for the stamping compliment. i already ordered more fabric... i plan a total stamping takeover..mwuhahahaha