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When people see my pieces the number one question I get is: "How did you do that?" the second being: "What inspires you to come up with that?!" Well, here is one of my inspirations. Velmas World.

My first love is fiber (yarn) and as a knitter looking at yarn is like walking around a candy shop. I envy & admire the talents of other fiber artists and Velma is a true fiber artist. She takes her love of fiber to a whole new level. She dyes, spins, creates and shares with the world works of art in the sheep's clothing known as a skein. But her skeins are far more than that. She brings textures, fibers, color and love to each of her pieces. Because she creates each skein from scratch, no two are alike and by scratch I mean = TOTALLY HANDMADE. A true Handmade Artisan! Please enjoy some images from her blog and don't forget to check out her shop: colorbombcreations.etsy.com

Dyeing & Process


Art Yarn


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5 thoughts:

The Craftaholic said...

awesome! Makes me want to go out and buy it all! I love the pictures!

Amber said...

LOVE IT!!!! Oh my gosh, thanks for sharing! The colors are so happy and bright. I could stare at them all day. :)

Meg said...

Agreed! I wish my wallet was bigger so I could buy up her stash!
Amber - her photos are as awesome as her yarn arent they?

Anonymous said...

Vibrant and rich, the photos brightened up a gray afternoon.

Anonymous said...

How on earth did I miss this post??

Anyway, I need to thank you for sharing her blog with me! I've been losing myself in it. I've checked out her Etsy shop too, but, unless I'm pulling a senior brain (which is entirely likely!), she only sells roving for spinning...and I'm not allowed to pick up that hobby yet...not the actual yarn ready for knitting, am I right? I looove her colors!