Coming Soon... Fun Coasters!

Hehe I love finding a new craft that I love. Today was a lot of fun. I bought 6 colors of felt, cut, sewed and put them together to form the cutest little sets. With friends buying new homes, having babies and just having parties in general, I always have a hard time thinking of what to bring. Dessert or wine has always been the usual from us. But I wanted to come up with a few new ideas to maybe add to the old ones.

Each set has 6 coasters that have cute decorative edges and stitches. They are the perfect size for a glass or mug and come in the pretties colors. Shown abive are the pink/grey/ coffee combo and the blue /cream/ camel combo.

I will be listing them soon to Kiss My Style but want to add a few more color combos first. Right now you can find them at Nibbles & Bits in Dunmore (344-1955).

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Amber said...


Meg said...

thanks! i need to learn how to take better pictures. im never happy with mine. although i have to admit these came from my iphone and they look pretty good considering!

Anonymous said...

I thought these were great photos! I'd never have guessed they were from your iPhone (oh now I want an iPhone).

Super cute coasters and what a great gift! One can always use more coasters. :)

Meg said...

thanks Teresa! A pro. photog I am not, but for the most part, I can get through it painlessly. lol. Your thoughts on the coasters are exactly what I was thinking!!!