EA Active Day 4 + Dance

Today was a leg day and it was hard. I can't seem to keep up with all the leg workouts. I struggle with inline skating and jumping lunges. I always thought my legs were strong but seeing how hard it is for me to get through the workouts shows me how wrong i am.

The Workout:
Loved: targets - of course!
Why: i felt the burn and it felt great!
Disliked: leg workouts
Why:see above - im just not at the level to do all the workouts.

Calories Burned: 104.4 (+ 51.5 = 155.9)
Workout Time: 15:48 (+ 9:12 = 25.0)
Exercises: 12 (+ 9e = 21)

B/c I lifted 2 days ago and my shoulders are killing me, i took out the arm workouts so i added a few dance routines , tennis and volleyball in to add to what i missed. Ill add the info to the above so I have a grand total.

If any of you are doing this as well, please comment, or comment in general! I would love to see your thoughts, hear motivating tips & stories and feel like Im not throwing myself out there into the abyss!

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