EA Active Update

Things have been pretty hectic lately and I haven't been working out like I should. Well, today I beat myself up for it! I love a hard workout it sets the tone for a new cycle and one I plan to keep - It feels great!

Walked: 35 min
Steps: 4810 / 1.51 miles
Cal Burned: 135

Lifted /Chest: 3 / 8 @ 55lbs
Lifted / Legs: 3/8 @ 45lbs
Lifted Buttocks: 3/8 @ 25
Lifted / Shoulders: 3/10 @ 35lbs

EA Active: Dance, Tennis, Volleyball, Target Punching, Boxing
Cal Burned: 66.4
Workouot Time: 11:44
Exercises Completed: 11

If any of you are doing this as well, please comment, or comment in general! I would love to see your thoughts, hear motivating tips & stories and feel like Im not throwing myself out there into the abyss!

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Anonymous said...

Good work picking it back up and making it tough! I just got back on the treadmill after month of neglect. :}

Keep it up!