New Organic Hand Stamped Eye Pillows & Dryer Pillows

At Last! They say "all good things come to those who wait." And I spent a year trying to create an item that i just couldn't prefect until now. So here they are!

Made with 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton Muslin, 3.6 oz. Smooth and breathable / Sturdy yet soft. Filled with Filled with 100% dried lavender buds. Toss this sachet into your dryer with your clothes and enjoy a fresh faint scent of lavender for 20+ loads! $3

This fabulous organic eye pillow is made from 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton Muslin, 5.7 oz.
Filled with 100% dried lavender buds these eye pillows are wonderful when you are in need of a restful nights sleep, soothing for headaches that won't leave and calming after a stressful day. Hand stamped with organic designs. $12.50

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3 thoughts:

Amber said...

Love them!!!

Meg said...

thanks chickie! talk about a work in progress!

Anonymous said...

These are so pretty! Great way to scent one's laundry without nasty chemicals!