The perfect shower gifts

We love custom orders at Kiss My Style. And custom orders for baby showers make us smile from ear to ear! A request cam in for 26 sets of magnets in 2 color ways for a baby shower.

If you have a shower or function coming up and you are looking for the perfect "thank you" for your guests - Kiss My Style has what you are looking for. Your guests will be talking about their thank you's for months!

We work with you on price, color, concept and production. You are sure to be pleased!
Packed and ready to ship:

The 2 sets chosen:

Contact Meg @ meg@kissmystyle.com or visit Kiss My Style to plan your shower thank you's!


3 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

How very cool that you do custom orders! Congrats on your recent one! These sure are unique.

Meg said...

Thanks Teresa! I was thrilled to do a baby shower - so much fun!

Theresa A. said...

They actually are such a great idea for a shower gift, usually you just end up throwing whatever you get away! I love my magnet set from you and I must say they are the strongest magnets I have on my fridge!!!