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Browsing blogs is a fun pastime. And browsing craft and handmade blogs is MY favorite pastime minus the obvious (lol). This week I am dedicating this article to one artist. Kimmy Steckler has an Etsy shop ksteckler.etsy.com but it was her blog that truly caught my eye. A blend of family & fun, her blog exudes a talented artist & great mom.

The pieces below can be purchased at her Etsy shop, but trust me, reading her blog will make you smile. :) She uses a mixture of new fabric with recycled & vintage to create everything from toys & clothes to home decor - you name it - she can make it! It's not just her craft that will keep you hooked, just search her blog from cover to cover and you will see its her humor, family pics and fun ideas that really draw you in to a world of crafty fun & flair.

Here are a few of her fabulous pieces(as well as the above apple):

Feel free to browse through her addiction to fabric, fun recipes for edible play dough & her creative approach to felt - a tried and true element of the art world since we were all in kindergarten cutting out our Halloween pumpkins. Kimmy has taken a simple craft and made it an art. Enjoy!


Posted by Meg of Kiss My Style

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3 thoughts:

Kim said...

Thanks for the shout out, Meg :-) I appreciate it!

Felisha said...

You are extremely talented!! I just love your handmade home accents.

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

I love the little pumpkin - it's very cute.