A simple brooch can make all the difference

Sometimes all you need to spic up an outfit is a little color. Brooches are wonderful ways to change a look from casual to business to evening to morning. Spring is here and these lightweight beauties spice up spring jackets, blazers, belt loops, purses, even t-shirts. Affordable enough to own a few - experiment! Compliments will be a common occurrence.

The above brooch by artisan thejunebride.etsy.com is a wonderful way to enter spring with color! This reclaimed wool brooch measures approximately 3.25”-3.75” across and features a convenient easy open-and-close hinged pin on the back for safety and security.

Next are the felted brooches by artisan LISAandLUCY.etsy.com These pieces have been wet felted and left to dry so the ends of the flower curl over creating a more realistic effect. Various glass beads on wire create three stamens that can be bent however you choose. The flower and stem measure 4" tall and 3 1/2" at the wide area.

This adorable brooch by artisan nancyknitsandstuff.etsy.com is a unique approach to a floral brooch! A bird brooch made with a miniature green hued bird and vintage and new millinery pieces. The bird is perched on top of a button and items are wrapped and tied with a silk ribbon. Some glue for extra security. Millinery pieces include velvet leaves, flowers and a spun cotton mushroom.

Happy decorating your spring wardrobe!

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