EA Active - Day 1

Today the EA Active 30 Day Challenge has begun. Recently I was diagnosed with a Hypothyroid & high testosterone level which aided in me gaining weight. My very very good friend (who will be known as M. Fab) and I have been talking about our weight issues and decided to do the EA Active 30 day challenge together. Today I did the Medium Intensity Day one workout. I liked it a lot, sweat like crazy. :)

Besides teh EA, I will be walking as well. The schedule is:

Monday: EA
Tuesday: 30 min. Walk
Wednesday: EA & 30 min. Walk
Thursday: EA & 30 min. Walk
Friday: EA
Sat & Sun: Rest

Ok.. So honesty is here.. I can't believe I am putting this out there on the www but I need to take ownership of this an forge ahead.

My Stats:
Height: 5'11
Weight: 166

The Workout:
Loved: Target Punching, Running, Lunges & Bicep Curls
Why: great workout! felt the burn, needed to push ahead to satisfy the trainer.
Disliked: Bent Over Rows
Why: couldn't get the position correct, very frustrating.

Calories Burned: 131.1
Workout Time: 21: 39
Exercises: 16

Trainer Feedback:
Bicep curls were executed very well.
Great work on Front Shoulder Raises

Current Goal Progress: 26%
Hours: 11%
Workouts: 20%

If any of you are doing this as well, please comment, or comment in general! I would love to see your thoughts, hear motivating tips & stories and feel like Im not throwing myself out there into the abyss!

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Melissa said...

I deal with hypothyroism myself. It all started when I was diagonised with Graves disease a few years back. That was 3 years ago and I have had all the extreme symptoms since than. I finally found a holistic doctor who has me started on the right track to being healthy again! Im hoping for the best. If you ever need to vent, Im here!