EA Active - Day 2

The Workout:
Loved: Tennis, Shoulder Press, Side lunges
Why: great workout! Tennis helped get a lot of extra energy out!
Disliked: Too Many Leg Moves, not enough arms
Why: my legs were like jelly by the end and my arms didnt burn at all.

Calories Burned: 137.1
Workout Time: 22.32
Exercises: 16

Trainer Feedback:
Great job on Alternating Lunges
Swung racket with power and intensity (thank you! thank you!)

Current Goal Progress: 54%
Hours: 17%
Workouts: 40%

If any of you are doing this as well, please comment, or comment in general! I would love to see your thoughts, hear motivating tips & stories and feel like Im not throwing myself out there into the abyss!

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